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Spotify for Android Review

Spotify for Android turns your mobile in to an iPod straight away. With all the features that a regular iPod has Spotify gives your the best music experience on offer.

Spotify allows you to save your music to off-line so that when you don’t have a signal or a wifi connection you can still listen to your music that you have saved as off-line. Spotify has some competition with Grooveshark and Deezer but apart from that Spotify really does run rings around these two competitors.

Grooveshark only charges you £2.50 AM for a pro account while Spotify charges £10 a month for it’s full features. Unfortunately basic users of Spotify cannot use this application as it requires pro users only. As long as more developers produce more music apps and start to offer unbeatable prices for it’s full features Sporify will then budge and you never know they may even bring the price down to half.

You can buy a pro account here

Tune in for Podcast 2 where I will give a review on Spotify.


Apple, Apple what are you like?

Apple have recently called a news conference on the problems their customers are experiencing with the iPhone 4G. Apple confirmed that they only had 0.55% of all customers reporting that there was a reception issue.
Apple told their customers that everyone will be getting a free rubber band to go around their iPhone to make sure that these issues do not occur any more.
The problem was that during the iPhone 4G being designed they designed the model with the antenna running around the outside of the handset which meant that whenever you hold it like you normally would do, the signal gives way.
Apple really do need to wake up if they want to keep their customers happy.

It’s official

The android operating system 2.2 is now officially the best performing operating system (OS) it had been proven in many tests and apparently the Apple OS 4 didn’t do as good as anyone thought it would. So congratulations Android on beating those Apple fanboys. I have some advice for those apple Fanboys too get an Android they are definitely the best refurbished OS on the market the moment.

ANDApps Podcast 1 is here…


ANDAPPS podcast 1 is due in a 7 days.

Join Me and James on our first podcast on Android Apps. We will be reviewing a couple of Twitter applications and word apps.

Google easy app maker

Try it out and see if you can start making a fortune out of Android apps

What next ?

I wonder what you lot think will come next on android 3.0 any ideas?

What do you think of the legend ??


Tell us by commenting below on your experiences of the HTC legend .

A HTC legend picture shot


Here is a test pic taken with The HTC legend